The repacking begins

MAA blog post 2 image 1

Eleanor Wilkinson, Collections Assistant at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology writes:

 The repacking and reorganisation of Guy Brunton’s Matmar material is well under way at the MAA. It has been clear since opening the first box that these objects have not been properly looked at since they came to the museum in the early 1930s. However after only a few days, this collection has thrown up some stunning pieces of workmanship from throughout ancient Egyptian history. Our picture this week gives you an idea of the sort of material we are coming across as part of our Store Stories adventure.

 The objects in this collection show that the site of Matmar was an important place for settlers over thousands of years. Some of the flint implements, which you can see in our picture above, were used by the earliest inhabitants and date from the Badarian Period, roughly 5500 B.C to 3100 B.C.

 We have carefully repacked some stunning pieces of beadwork, jewellery and amulets made from faience, semi-precious stones and gold. The image below shows some of these examples that are from the First Intermediate Period, around 2181 B.C to 2055 B.C.

MAA blog post 2 image 2

By making our way through this collection we are able to add details to the online catalogue providing more information and in depth descriptions of the objects. And because of this further research will be able to be carried out improving our understanding of the outcomes of Brunton’s excavations.


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